3C-SiC based sensors for harsh environments

presented by Gerard Colston

Sensing is a vital part of increasing efficiency and ensuring safety across many sectors including automotive, industrial, aerospace, environmental and biomedical sensing. Silicon (Si) is one of the predominant materials used in microelectromechanical (MEMS) and sensing devices due to its broad functionality and economics of scale. However, Si based devices are limited to operating temperature of up to ~200 °C and can easily be damaged by the effects of radiation or chemical attack. A solution to these issues is to heavily package the Si devices to protect the active parts, however, this makes final products bulky and expensive. Alternative materials can include ceramics which can operate at significantly higher temperatures but are affected by chemical poisoning and suffer in thermal or mechanical shocks.

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a wide bandgap semiconductor with properties similar to diamond and is resistant to radiation and all chemical etchants in ambient environment. SiC based devices can also operate up to temperature of 600 °C and beyond. With their novel cubic silicon carbide growth process, Advanced Epi is developing a range of SiC based sensors suitable for low-cost mass production using current Si based fabrication processes. These sensors will be suitable for a variety of applications such as temperature, pressure, air flow or UV sensing in harsh and demanding applications.

IoT International Conference


Silicon carbide heteroepitaxy for mass production of semiconductor devices

presented by Gerard Colston

For years now, the growth of cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) on silicon has required very high temperatures, making the process expensive and resulting in distorted epi wafers. Advanced Epi has developed a low temperature growth process of 3C-SiC on Si which uses standard silicon based, cold-wall, reduced pressure chemical vapour deposition. The process offers high growth rates of up to 10 µm/h and the films can be doped to specification during epitaxy. The high crystalline quality 3C-SiC is suitable for a range of applications such as a low lattice mismatched virtual substrate for GaN, thermal management, power electronics, sensors, MEMS, photonics and biomedical devices.

Compound Semiconductor International Conference


Advanced Epi exhibited at the 2017 IoT International Conference held in Brussels on the 7th-8th March and presented the following talk:

Advanced Epi is proud to be a member of the NMI a not-for-profit organisation promoting the operation and growth of the microelectronics industry in the UK and Ireland.

Advanced Epi exhibited at the 2017 CS International Conference held in Brussels on the 7th-8th March and presented the following talk:


Advanced Epi recently exhibited at SEMICON Europa in Munich which was held between the 14th - 17th November 2017.

We will also be exhibiting at this years SEMICON Europa event and hope to unveil our first 200mm 3C-SiC/Si epi wafer as well as samples of GaN/3C-SiC/Si material grown by our III-V compound semiconductor growth partners.